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DIY Candle Holder

This easy DIY Candle Holder will add some sparkle to any outdoor setting! Perfect for summer parties, weddings or just for relaxing in your garden. Feel free to customize the candle holder, get creative!
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time5 mins
Dry1 hr
Total Time10 mins
Yield: 1 candle holder
Author: Jen Pinkston


  • Glue gun
  • extra glue sticks
  • gold spray paint
  • Scissors


  • twine- at least 5 yards depending on the width and height of your vases
  • 3 candle holders / glass vases in various sizes
  • painters tape
  • ziploc bag plastic bag, or parchment paper


  • After your glue gun is nice and warmed up, begin by adhering the end of the twine spool to the glass candle holder. I found it easiest to flip it upside down, start on the bottom, go about two times around and then flip it right side up. I used glue almost all the way around on the first wrap to make sure it was nice and secure, but then I would use glue about every half wrap and stagger the placement of the glue so that it didn't get too thick. It also helped keep the twine nice and tight together.
  • Keep on wrapping until you get to the very top. It's tedious and time consuming, but not at all difficult. Repeat for each of the other candle holders.
  • After the twine has been wrapped around your candle holders, section off the piece that you don't want spray painted with a gallon size plastic bag, parchment paper, or plastic shopping bag and secure tightly with painter's tape.
  • Spray the remaining section gold and allow to dry.