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How to DIY Custom Family Photo Ornaments this Holiday

These Custom Family Photo Ornaments are the perfect personalized gift for the holidays! A fun and easy DIY project that creates gorgeous and meaningful gifts for loved ones.
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time40 mins
Total Time50 mins
Author: Jen Pinkston


  • Cricut Explore Air 2 with Grip Mat
  • Cricut White Vinyl Printable Paper
  • Cricut Cutting Tools and Mat
  • Cricut Scraper
  • Home Printer
  • White Ceramic Ornaments and Ribbon


  • Download the Cricut App and set up your Explore Air 2 machine. Once setup is complete, upload your photos.
  • Once photos are uploaded, size images to the size of the ornaments (use the grid provided in the canvas part of the app as a guideline).
  • You can customize your photo in this section depending on the shape and style of your ornament.
  • Next, head to the print and cut section. If you have a wireless inkjet printer, stock the printer with Cricut Vinyl Paper and send image directly to your printer from the Cricut app.
  • Once your photo is printed on the vinyl paper, stick your printed Vinyl paper onto the grip mat (use your scraper to take out any bubbles created).
  • Next use the load button to load your printed vinyl paper into the Cricut Air 2.
  • Once the paper is loaded with the image, click the flashing Cricut button on the machine to cut out your image. (You can use your scissors or Cricut True Control Knife to make any special adjustments.)
  • Finally, peel off back of vinyl paper to stick image onto ornaments. Use scraper tool to remove any bubbles.