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How to French Braid Hair

The French braid is such a classic hairstyle, and once you know how, it's easy to do it yourself. Learn how to French braid with this step by step tutorial, for an effortless and chic style.
Active Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
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Yield: 1
Author: Jen Pinkston


  • 1 rubber hair band
  • hair clips


  • If you have super fine, straight hair like I do, give it a little texture with hairspray and some backcombing. If you're not familiar with backcombing, simply hold up sections of hair and take a comb or a brush and brush the hair down towards the scalp.
  • Find three small, even sections of hair. There will be a left section, a center section, and a right section. I don't like my hair pulled straight back, so I left my side part and started mine just below the crown of my head.
  • Holding the center and right sections in my right hand and the left section in my left hand, I cross the right section over the center. I carefully take all three sections of hair, each still separated by a finger in my right hand (see image below). I use my left pointer finger to add a small section of hair to the existing left section of hair and then cross it over the center section.
  • To repeat this for the right side, I carefully take all three sections of hair into my left hand and use my right index finger to take a small section of hair from the right side of my head and add it to the right most section of hair then cross it over the middle section. Repeat these two steps back and forth, alternating side to side, until all of the hair has been added to the braid.
  • Once all of the hair has been incorporate into the braid, at the nape of your neck you will have all of your hair divided into three strands. Finish your french braid with a simple three strand braid.
  • Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band. (I think this next step is the most important of all!) Carefully pull at the strands of the three strand braid to make them looser and appear fuller.
  • I added pearl clips for a little something extra!