5 Days / 5 Ways

We’ve all been there:  The Monday morning closet stare down which ends with the hopeless exclamation, “I have nothing to wear!”  When I was working on a television show full-time, the wardrobe department, hair stylist and make-up artist created these theme dressing days.  There were 4 weeks left in the season until hiatus and we needed a little something to keep us going!  Each day a different person would give a “theme” that everyone had to incorporate into their wardrobe the next day.  There was très chic day where we all channeled our inner francophile, color blocking day, bold lip day, black & gold day and dozens of others.  It was so much fun!  Not only could I not wait to get to work and see how each person had translated the theme du jour, but it removed the paralyzing blank slate of deciding what to wear in the morning and gave us a writing prompt equivalent.  Need a little extra encouragement getting dressed this week?  Challenge yourself to incorporate these 5 ideas!


Striped blouse tucked into a graphic skirt, polka dot pants paired with a floral top, windowpane shift dress with an art print jacket.  Have some fun!


Lest your colleagues think you are all fun and games, bring it back to the basic on Tuesday.  Nothing is sharper than a black and white combination.


School boy blazer?  Loafer pumps? Thick framed glasses?  Translate as you will!


A little cuff goes a long way.


It may not be 5 o clock yet, but a little animal print will remind you throughout the day that the weekend is just around the corner!

Hope today is the start of a fabulous week!

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  1. where is the white blazer in tuesday’s look from? couldn’t find it on the link!

    • It wasn’t credited on the original post so I can’t be positive. Nordstrom and Zara always have great blazers, though. Maybe give those places a try?

  2. Cute – my favorite is Monday! Love the pattern mixing.

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  4. Love Thursday, nice ensemble!