Word On The Street

Word on the Street

If you are on twitter or subscribe to any number of blogs where it has been circulated, then you may have run across this article written by Leandra Medine in response to this article written by Suzy Menkes.  Have you read them?  They’re both good reads (one more so than the other) and both offer interesting insight on the current state of the fashion industry.  One of the hallmarks of this discussion, and others like it, is the changing nature of the street style industry. Street style blogs beget a new crowd of fashion types that desired to be captured by the Tommy Tons and Scott Schumans of the world and now the argument is being made that street style has lost it’s authenticity and that it’s all just “a circus”.  Has it, though? I was just perusing Jak & Jil and was inspired not only by the remarkable images but by the subject’s individual style.  I personally love that a girl in a Yankees cap can share a page with Taylor Tomasi Hill in all of her chic layers and gold chain belt.  I find each of them inspiring in their own way.  You don’t have to be “bright-pattern play girl” or “abstract Margiela girl” to interpret fashion in a way that’s relevant and chic.  It just has to be you done your way.

Word on the Street 2

To say that things are changing would be really naive; things have changed and will continue to do so, not just in publishing but also in styling and every other facet of this industry.  It is exciting!  We want things to change and evolve and get better and shed new insights.  It’s what keeps things fresh.  The swarm of photogs and show goers may look like chaos to some, but to others it is vibrant and energizing.  Who wants stale and stagnant?

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Word on the Street 5

Do you read street style blogs?  Do you find them inspiring or that they influence your personal style?  Which are your faves?

All images captured by the one and only Tommy Ton for his fabulous blog, Jak & Jil

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