What To Wear // Beach Weekend


Last weekend, Aaron had booked a little staycation at the Casa del Mar for Mother’s Day. It was so thoughtful and sweet, but on Thursday, after looking at the dismal weather forecast, he spilled the beans on his surprise plans and we both decided to postpone the getaway until the summer when temperatures would be warmer and we could stay longer.  Now it’s all I can think about, though!  We are considering this resort in Oxnard or this one in Laguna.  Has anyone stayed at either?  We are open to other ideas too so send them our way!  (Parker will be coming with us.)  Either way, this trip planning got me thinking about the perfect seaside wardrobe.  I love the way that light linen and breezy cotton pieces in patterns and prints can be mixed and matched and go back and forth between the beach and an oceanside eatery.  If you’ve got tropical vacation plans in the next few months, these 15 items will have you covered!

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Background illustration by Jen of Wellen Women for DesignLoveFest

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  1. I live in Santa Barbara Barbara and the Bacara is nice but quite far from town if you also want to see the city. El encanto is lovely I recommend the Laguna resort over Oxnard, which although it is near the beach it really isnt anyplace I would want to visit

  2. Eeeek this makes me so excited for summer!



  3. If you venture a bit north to Santa Barbara, Bacara is an absolutely beautiful resort on the coast. My husband and I spent our babymoon there and it truly is one of my best memories. We haven’t taken our son there since he was born 9he’s a year old) but we saw several small children while we were there and there were tons of grassy spaces, beaches, and a great pool that kids would love. It seemed very accommodating to little ones.

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