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There’s a lot to love about October.  The weather gets cooler and the smell of pumpkin spice begins to permeate your favorite bakeries and coffee shops.  As if that wasn’t enough, there’s football on television more days of the week than not and those green lush leaves of summer are beginning to change color and drop from their lofty branches.  Just in case any of these above things doesn’t really get you going for the dear month of October, Matt put together this playlist (which is STELLAR) just for you.  So do hit play and enjoy.  And just in case one playlist a month isn’t enough Matt Mugford for you,  you can get more here and here.

Madi Diaz – Stay Together

You might be familiar with her as a nice singer/songwriter type artist, but her new album throws her into a totally new sonic landscape. Poppier, darker, and pretty interesting stuff all around.

The Kooks – Around Town

This one has been out for a bit now, but it came on the other day and made my son (who turns ONE THIS MONTH!!) dance so thought I’d put it on here.

U.S. Royalty – More to This

I’ve been a fan of this band for awhile now. Still waiting for everyone else to realize how cool they are. Come on people!

Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

I’ve gone back and forth on the Lorde bandwagon. I was on early, then got fatigued and jumped off, but I think this song has me cautiously finding a seat again. Excited to see what else she brings to this Hunger Games soundtrack that she is curating. This first single is a good start.

Wolf Gang – Lay Your Love Down

Just caught this band on tour with Sir Sly last week. Great show and every new song I hear from these guys I end up liking.

Milo Greene – White Lies

One of my favorite LA bands. This is the first single from their 2nd album and it’s wayyyyy different than what we’ve heard from them before. So so so excited to hear more. Love this band.

Vance Joy – Mess Is Mine

I still think VJ’s “Riptide” is one of the best songs of the past year. This one is a pretty worthy follow-up.

Joywave – Somebody New

For some reason this song reminds me of Filter. It rocks pretty good. How great is that beat? Geeze.

FMLYBND – Young Wild

I’m a sucker for a great hook and big chorus. This has both.

Aqualung – Tape 2 Tape ft. Joel Compass

Aqualung is one of my favorites. This is the first song from his upcoming album, and he doesn’t even sing on it! WHAT? Kinda weird not to hear him, but I think it’s pretty interesting and should mean unique things for the album.

Laleh – Colors

Makes me wonder where Florence & The Machine went? Do we even need her anymore with all of the amazing female talent out there right now?

Damien Rice – My Favourite Faded Fantasy

Maybe we don’t need Flo, but it’s so good to hear new music from Damien Rice! It’s been way too long.

Matt’s All-Time Fav’s

Damien Rice – Cannonball

While we are on the Damien Rice topic… How amazing is this song? It’s one of those songs I learned on guitar when it first came out and played over and over again. It reminds me that a good song is a good song in any form, and sometimes all you need is an acoustic guitar and a voice. That’s it. Genius.

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Matt Mugford is a Chop Shop alumnus who knows good music when he hears it. Lucky for us, he drops by once a month to let us know what we should all be listening to. Matt currently spends his days making music magic as the music supervisor for Disney Pictures, as well as freelancing commercial projects for the likes of Google and others.  

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  1. Seems like you’d be into River City Extension. Check them out here –> http://www.rivercityextension.com/ and stay tuned for new music. Would be great for the November playlist!

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