What To Listen To Now // November


Well, hey there, friends!  Have we wished each other a happy November yet?  Things are ramping up over here for the final push before the holidays and it seems the first week of November is already coming to a close!  I hope amidst whatever your weekend plans hold, you find a little time to savor the goodness.  Whether it’s friends or family or this great cool weather we are experiencing here in LA, it’s nice to take a breath before another week commences.  With that in mind, our favorite musical mind, Matt Mugford, has put together a playlist that is sure to make the perfect soundtrack for whatever is on the month’s agenda.  I got a sneak peek and it’s already on repeat!

Cape Lion – We Got Out In Time
Off and running…

Miike Snow – Heart Is Full
Glad these dudes are back on the scene. Real excited to hear more and maybe one of these days someone will explain why there are 2 i’s in their name.

Pell – Queso
This one is just fun. It sort of feels like something I shouldn’t like, but I LOVE IT! The groove and bassline just can’t be ignored.

The Neighbourhood – Prey
Another return I’m pretty excited about. Still warming up to the new album a bit, but this is an early favorite.

Mansionair – Speak Easy
This is a repeater.

St. Lucia – Dancing On Glass
Sorry about all the fun stuff on this list. I know it’s fall and we are supposed to be calming down by a fire and drinking cocoa…but it was still hitting 90 degrees in LA just a couple days ago, so having a hard time transitioning out of the summer vibes.

Jill Andrews – I’m Not OK
This one is a heartbreaker. Oh, and that “ooh-ooh” hook will never leave your head.

GEMS – Living As A Ghost
New thing that I don’t know much about, but am digging the BROODS meets Daughter kind of thing going on here.

Jean-Michael Jarre ft. M83 – Glory
Just a couple of french dudes making some pretty epic electronic music.

Seinabo Sey – Words
Go listen to her new LP that just dropped. Literally the whole thing is good. Every song.

Wavves – Flamezesz
Nice little curve ball to end on. Keep the rock alive!

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