What To Listen To Now // May

What To Listen To Now

How was your Cinco de Mayo?  It ranks really high on my list of favorite holidays so Parker and I hosted a casual little shindig in the backyard last night.  While I have yet to move on from wine to full blown cocktails, it was so fun to be hosting again for the first time since Parker was born– even if it was something so laidback.  Since we are in fact full-on into May, it’s about time for another playlist, isn’t it?  In honor of our sweet gals birth and because, let’s face it, we do in fact run the world, Matt put together this awesome compilation of songs by female artists or female-fronted bands.  Girl power never sounded so good.

Betty Who – Heartbreak Dream

She’s like the indie Katy Perry. I really want to go to a wedding that plays this song so I can dance my butt off to it.

Ingrid Michaelson – Home

Really digging the new Ingrid album, Lights Out. Check it out. Lots of great songs and collaborations on there.

Broods – Pretty Thing

Excited to hear more from this group. This EP is so solid.

Phantogram – The Day You Died

Not a bad song on thier album, Voices. They are just badass, that’s all there is to it.

Little Dragon – Let Go

This band oozes cool. Always so subtle but everything is intentional. I guess that’s kind of effortless chic, huh? Nice one!

Kate Boy – The Way We Are

This song is just so catchy. I kind of wish more people knew about it. The chorus has so much energy.

Warpaint – Keep It Healthy

This song will put you in some kind of trance. It has a little bit of a lo-fi retro-Radiohead quality in moments that is hard to understand, but you just know it’s right.

Lana Del Rey – West Coast

I believe this was produced by Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach which seems like an unlikely pairing, but it works. She also did an amazing cover of “Once Upon A Dream” for a film we have coming out at Disney with Angelina Jolie called, Maleficent which you all should check out…and go see the movie!!! Comes out May 30th.

Katie Herzig – Say It Out Loud

I’ve always been a big fan of Katie and have placed her songs several times in various projects. Always so solid and a great songwriter.

St. Vincent – Rattlesnake

Annie Clark is one of the most creative and innovative artists and guitarist around right now. Her stuff might not be for everyone, but I really admire her talent and boldness.

PHOX – Slow Motion

Clarinet solo!


Fun little ditty.

Matt’s All Time Favs

Land Of Talk – It’s Okay

LOVE this song. Reminds me of something that could have been on The Cardigans album, Long Gone Before Daylight (which is one of my all time favs as well). The slide guitar is perfect, the lyrics in the chorus are so obscure and beautiful, and the vocal performance is just the right amount of frail and emotive. I also love the guitar part and build in the outro. ENJOY!

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