What To Listen To Now // June


I’m a firm believer that every summer has an anthem.  I was in a restaurant the other night when MGMT’s Kids came on and it totally took me back to the summer Aaron and I first started hanging out.  I’m not sure what this summer’s song will be, but I have a feeling it’s on this playlist.  Matt has a tendency to call out the next great summer jam long before anyone else can recognize it.  Right now I’m taking in these tunes and staring at the video monitor hoping Parker takes a good nap, but in less than two weeks they will be the soundtrack to our weekend in Palm Springs and I will (hopefully) be enjoying them poolside.  Happy June, friends!

Panama Wedding – All Of The People
This song reminds me of this band, Athlete that i love! What ever happened to them?
Vacationer – The Wild Life
It’s summer! So it’s time to cut some jorts and break out the tanks by the pool.
Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars
I’m a sucker for Chris Martin and Co. I think the new record is genius and this is a massive smash.
Panama – Always
Not to be confused with Panama Wedding from 3 songs ago.
Magic Man – Out of Mind
My friends call me magic man. Not really, but this band is great and I feel like they will have a big year. Debut album comes out soon.
Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again
What a killer combo! Can’t really go wrong here.
Wolf Gang – Back To Life
Love everything about this song. Such a great melody, love his voice, and HORNS!
Little Big Town – Day Drinking
Sorry if you aren’t a country fan, but who doesn’t like a little day beer in the summer? It’s one of my favorite things.
Empires – How Good Does It Feel
What’s that I hear? Fuzzy guitar? I’m very excited about more guitar music coming in the near future (just a hunch/wish that it will happen).
Saint Raymond – Brighter Days
Another perfect fun but chill song for all of your summer needs.
Glass Animals – Black Mambo
Now we are getting into the super hipster section of the playlist.
Little Daylight – Siren Call
I thought about including this in last months all-girl playlist, but it just seemed too badass. So here it is a month later.
Kishi Bashi – Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It! 
There is so much randomness happening in this song, there is no choice but to like it.
Sisyphus – Take Me
A collaboration between Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti. Again, so weird it works.
Matt’s All-Time Favs
Apparat – Song Of Los
This band typically does a lot of trippy experimental orchestral stuff and in the midst of all of that they went ahead and wrote this amazing song.

  1. Kelly Jo


    I haven’t heard Day Drinking yet by Little Big Town, sounds like the perfect summer jam! I love your monthly music picks Jen!

  2. i adore both new Soldplay songs (this one and Magic). Pure magic (pun intended)

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