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If Memorial day marks the beginning and Labor Day the end, does that make the 4th of July the pinnacle of summer?  It sure feels like it.  We are in Austin this weekend, celebrating out on Lake LBJ with all of my cousins and their babes and it’s so fun that it just might have us house shopping (wink, wink!).  Where ever you are, I hope your holiday weekend is filled with yummy food fresh off of the grill, good friends, and a hot sun shining down.  Thanks to Matt, your weekend will definitely be full of great music!  The perfect playlist for the weekend is just a click away… Thanks, Matt!

Beck – Dreams
What can’t this guy do? It’s actually pretty amazing. I remember listening to him in middle school and he’s still at it and able to go from folk to electronic to pop. I’m ready for a Beck country album next. Who’s with me?

Sundara Karma – Flame
I don’t know much about this band, but it came across my inbox recently and I am way into it.

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
Whoa! I wasn’t expecting this from the typically moody/broody artist. Is this theeee summer jam?? Might be.

The Mispers – Weekend
Back to back songs that reference “weekend”, do I get bonus points?

Raury – Devil’s Whisper
I love how this song combines organic and electronic styles in the most subtle way. Not your typical “hit”, but I feel like this song should be HUGE! Rap at the end is so great too.

Colony House – Waiting For My Time To Come
File this one under: Dawes, Ivan & Alyosha, Delta Spirit. Which means I love it.

Wolf Alice – Bros
Feels like the 90s right?

Miguel – Hollywood Dreams
Living in LA for almost a decade now, it is pretty crazy how many people I’ve watched come and go searching for the Hollywood Dream. This song is pretty accurate, and Miguel is rad.

Years & Years – Shine
Just something feel good for your BBQ this weekend.

The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES – Roses
The beat and all the little synth melodies are so clutch.

John Newman – Come And Get It
This is what I’ll be saying/singing to all of my BBQ attendees if they’d like to have another Hot Dog. I don’t have a rad horn section though. 🙁

Jarryd James – “Do You Remember” & “Give Me Something”
Every once and awhile I’ll find an artist that needs more than one song represented on these playlists. What’s interesting about this guy, is that these are the only two songs I’ve heard of his and I’m obsessed with both. So hopefully there’s more from that reservoir of awesomeness. Do You Remember has such a gnarly vibe and Give Me Something almost feels like it’s going to be a Sam Smith thing and then it turns into something much groovier.

James Brown – Living In America
Since it’s the 4th of July, I’ve got to include something patriotic, right? Well after going back and forth with a bunch of sweet America jams, I was really left with no choice but to include this jam from the ROCKY IV soundtrack. Nothing says Independence like watching Rocky take down a massive Russian in the ring. Turn it up loud and feel that bass slap. The random city call outs are pretty hilarious too. Love it. Happy 4th!

  1. Such a fun playlist for the 4th of July!


    • Jen Pinkston


      Thanks, Allison and Amy! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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