What To Listen To Now // February


Remember in high school when the best Valentine’s Day gift you could ever hope to receive was a mixed tape from that cute guy you had a crush on in your English class?  Well consider this our Valentine for you!  Matt went above and beyond this month to bring us playlist full of love songs, although in true music supervisor fashion, these aren’t your typical love songs.  Take a listen, jam to them in your car, and if you get in a real bind come next Friday, burn them to a disc and pass them along to the one you love… but, I mean, maybe include some flowers also.  We’re not in high school anymore, people.


Some old, some new, all good.

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Beyoncé – XO

You can’t have a LOVE playlist without Beyoncé, it’s a proven fact.

Ryan Adams – Two

Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. I could probably fill up this entire list with Ryan Adams songs. Don’t tempt me.

Phosphorescent – Song For Zula

I think Jen should name her daughter Zula. Who’s with me?

Betty Who – Somebody Loves You

Love can be fun too.

Aqualung – Thin Air

Oh man, the lyrics to this song kill me:

“Tell me that you’ll love me forever
Or go without another word
With our hands holding tight together
Out into the new world

And you’re standing on the edge of something
Tell me I was right to care
Well you know that I’m in love with you
Stepping out into the thin air
I believe in you”

Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed

You also can’t have a LOVE playlist without Stevie. It’s just not right.

Sleeping At Last – Noble Aim

Beautiful little ditty with Katie Herzig

Rhye – Open

Sounds like Sade, but it’s a dude. Crazy.

One Direction – Story Of My Life

I’m not going to back down, this song is a jam. No such thing as a guilty pleasure…right? RIGHT?!?

Kasey Musgraves – My House

You probably saw her on the Grammys surrounded by neon cacti. In my opinion, she had to follow the best performance of the night (Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons), and held her own.

Paul McCartney – Maybe I’m Amazed

No Beatles on Spotify so this will have to do. Still a classic love song from Sir Paul.

Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Latch

These guys are doing some really amazing stuff. Interested to see what else they have up their sleeve.

Matt’s All-Time Favs:
Tonic – Sugar

This one is an all time fav because it was actually me and Beth’s “song” from when we were dating long ago.

  1. jeffmugford(dad)


    I love how the classics are beginning to sneak in there…Stevie, Sir Paul, even some of the newer stuff have a classics feel. Good job, son!

    • Jen Pinkston


      I have to agree… it’s the perfect eclectic mix of great songs every time!

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