What To Listen To Now // April


A day late and a dollar short, but happy April!  I’ve been looking forward to this month since late last July after doing some deductive reasoning and realizing that this would most likely be our little babe’s birthday month.  (Of course there were moments when I was really hoping it would be March, but we are in the home stretch– tomorrow is her due date!)  Giving birth may not be part of your plans this month, but whatever the next 28 days do hold for you, this playlist is bound to be the perfect soundtrack.  Magic by Coldplay is a particular favorite of mine this month.  (Is anyone else a little sad about the split between Gwyneth and Chris?  Just me?)  Anyhow, I have been sneak peeking this playlist for the last week and it’s soooo good, so without further ado, just hit play…

Coldplay – Magic

Even though Chris and Gwenyth are no more, we still have new Coldplay to be excited about. I sing this song to my son all the time and he loves it. Let the brainwashing begin!

 Until The Ribbon Breaks – A Taste Of Silver

Listening to this song just makes you feel cooler.

Pharrell Williams (ft. Daft Punk) – Gust Of Wind

Listening to this song actually makes you cooler. It’s a proven fact.

The Wind and The Wave – With Your Two Hands

Been following this band for awhile now. Just signed to a major label and I believe we will be hearing much more from them very soon. Patty has such an amazing voice.

The Black Keys – Fever

I’ll be honest, on first listen I wasn’t that impressed…but it’s a grower. Give it a few listens and you’ll be reminded of the genius of The Black Keys.

Sia – Chandelier

This is my theme song for Jen once this baby finally arrives!!

Avid Dancer – Stop Playing With My Heart

Pre-summer chill vibe jam right here.

 Foster The People – Best Friend

Followed by a pre-summer dance vibe jam.

Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

I don’t fully understand this dudes voice, but it works.

Erik Hassle – Pathetic

Sounds kind of like Prince right? Nothing wrong with that.

Tove Lo – Out Of My Mind

This chick is definitely out of her mind. Watch some of her videos and you’ll see what I mean.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Rebirth

Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…

 Matt’s All Time Favs:

 Dads – Life, Oh Life

This is one of those songs that you can just play over and over again…and I have many many times. Several great subtle little melodies, all very simple and understated but all essential to making this one of my all time favs. Love it!