How are all of your week’s going?  Tonight we are hosting a casual cocktail soiree in the backyard for the latest in our Hayneedle series, so we are prepping all of the last minute touches for that.  I love any excuse to have friends over in the summer!  I know I probably say this about all of Matt’s playlists, but this one might be my most favorite ever!  If you’re hosting a backyard bash for the fourth or just want to be the person with the best playlist at your party of choice, be sure to have this one all cued up…

Smallpools – Dreaming

Fun summer jam. Good way to start off July.

Queens Of The Stone Age – I Sat By The Ocean

Sitting by the ocean is what I’ll be doing most of this month. 🙂

Rogue Wave – College

Kind of reminds me of college actually.

Say Lou Lou – Julian

Once this song gets in your head, it will never leave.

J. Cole ft. Miguel – Power Trip

No Yeezus on this list. Sorry friends.

Young Summer – Waves That Rolled You Under

 It’s like a hipster version of Sade’s “By Your Side” …which is a good thing btw.

CHVRCHES – Recover

I went back through my other playlists just to confirm that I had already put CHVRCHES in there somewhere, and was shocked that I had not!! I’m sorry guys, my bad.

Finish Ticket – Tranquilize

 Cool little band from SF. Digging this song right now.

Dawes – Just Beneath The Surface

 This band reminds me of a modern day version of Van Morrison. Always a pure and solid sound to their music.

The Royal Concept – On Our Way

 Another little summer ditty.

Sigur Rós – Ísjaki

 Who knows what they are saying? Who cares?


 The Cardigans – Communication

 Sorry to kill the happy summer vibes with this sad little number…but everyone loves a good sad song every once and awhile, right? This song is from The Cardigans album, Long Gone Before Daylight, which is one of the all time best albums in my book (I don’t have a book, but if I did…). Seriously, every single song is great. Go listen…

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