What To Listen To Now

What To Listen To Now-April

Do you guys follow Matt on twitter?  If so, you will know that he and his wife Beth announced some very exciting news this weekend.  There is going to be a new addition to the Mugford family, due in October!  I’ve been told that he’s already purchased a pair of headphones for baby Mug, too.  I have a feeling that this very lucky child is going to grow up with a wonderful taste in music, if his dad has anything to do with it.  In the meantime, let’s all reap the benefits and take a listen to what Matt has in store for us this month!  Happy April!

Brooke Waggoner – “Perish”

Had this song submitted for a film soundtrack I was working on awhile ago and fell in love with it. She also plays in the all girl band for Jack White. Soooo…she is pretty badass.


M83 – “Oblivion (ft. Susanne Sundfør)

I had the privilege of visiting a scoring session for this film and it was epic. Can’t wait to see it later this month.


Hunter Hunted – “Operating”

New band that came from the former members of Lady Danville. Solid poppy goodness.


Banks – “Fall Over”

I have a crush on this girl…don’t tell my wife.


Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young”

I wouldn’t classify myself as a huge VW fan, but I’m digging this new single.


Laura Welsh – “Hollow Drum”



Half Moon Run – “Give Up”

Kinda sounds like a Thom Yorke/Radiohead thing going on here…and that is never a bad thing.


Roo Panes – “Open Road”

Waiting to hear this on a commercial. Maybe it already is.


Sin Fang – “What’s Wrong With Your Eyes”

Great beat. Great melody.


Youth Lagoon – “Third Dystopia”

Their debut album, The Year Of Hibernation, was one of my favorites. The new album, Wonderous Bughouse, is still growing on me, but this track is a winner.


Little Green Cars – “Big Red Dragon”

New album just came out. Check it. Good stuff.


Justin Timberlake – “Tunnel Vision”

Couldn’t resist.