What To Listen To Now


You didn’t think we were going to let a new month go by without bringing you one of Matt’s playlists did you?  We just figured we would wait until Monday when you really need a pick me up!  If you have missed any of his previous lists, catch up here.  Let us know what your favorite tracks are and if there are some gems out there we missed.  I love finding out about new artists so keep ’em coming!

Bastille – “Pompeii”

Best song of 2013?

Gold Fields – “Dark Again (Lights Out)”

Lots of music from Australian artists in this months playlist. Hope you don’t mind.

Foals – “My Number”

Flume – “Holdin On”

Rad producer from…Australia!

Ivan & Alyosha – “Running For Cover”

Great band from Seattle. New album, All the Times We Had, just came out. Check it.

Phoenix – “Entertainment”

Phoenix sounding like Phoenix on their new single. Did I mention I’m from Phoenix?

Milo Greene – “Don’t You Give Up On Me”

Do yourself a favor and see this band live immediately. Here are the tour dates. No excuses (unless they aren’t playing in your city).

James Blake – “Retrograde”

This song is just straight smoooooooth.

Battleships – “Your Words”

Tame Impala – “Elephant”

I love the retro music video for this retro song.

Toro Y Moi – “So Many Details”

  1. rachel


    Love your blog! I am new to spotify and need help finding this playlist. Do I search for a username? When I clicked on your playlist in the post, it took me to the Bastille song only.

  2. hey rachel… give this link a try:


    hopefully that works. if not, you could probably just listen to the bastille song on repeat and be okay for a long time. 😉

  3. Lauren


    AWESOME songs, never heard of a lot of these people; thanks!!

  4. elizabeth


    did you know that spotify only works in: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, UK and of course the USA, which is why so many people use it 🙁
    this is a good list of songs though, maybe i’ll make my own version on 8tracks.

    • Elizabeth, I had no idea! Thank you for letting me know. Where are you writing from? We have had other small issues with Spotify, but Matt and I are looking for the best way to create these playlists so that they are accessible to everyone. I will look into 8tracks. Thanks for letting me know, Elizabeth!