Weeknight Meal Plan #7 || Summer Flavor Sneak Peek

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!  I’m actually feeling particularly good about this week’s meal plan. Sometimes I get so hung up on gorgeous Pinterest pictures, trying new things, or entertaining whatever I might be craving at the moment.  The regret doesn’t sink in until I’m unpacking $200 worth of groceries and so, so many ingredients! On the other hand, this week’s recipes are all really quick and easy to make, plus I’ll probably triple the chicken recipe on Monday to have ample protein to toss into Tuesday’s salad, Thursday’s quesadillas, and for lunches throughout the week.  With the year slowly creeping towards summer and a very early spring here in Texas, the farmer’s markets are already exploding with fresh produce, so each of these recipes features some of summer’s best flavors!  (A little sneak peek into everyone’s favorite season via your kitchen!)  What have you been making lately? Any favorite food blogs I should be reading?!

Monday: Kicking off the week with this Sticky Chicken with Peach Glaze recipe via Lemon Blossoms.  As I mentioned before, I’ll probably triple it just to have extra on hand for Tuesday and Thursday’s recipes and lunches.

Tuesday: I have been on such a salad kick lately!  I feel like the key is having a couple of good homemade dressings that you know how to make and then everything else you toss in is just icing on the cake.  Also, I can’t remember the last time I made a salad without feta. Excited to try this Strawberry, Feta, Avocado and Spinach Salad from Spices in My DNA

Wednesday: Every week should have at least one slow-cooker recipe and this week is no exception.  These Everything Greek Pork Pitas from A Pinch of Yum sound so perfectly simple and delish!

Thursday: I’m come to think of the quesadilla as such a kids meal since it’s Parker’s go to favorite food.  (I’ve been finding sneaky ways to get some veggies up in there too and you can read about a quesadilla gone wrong here… who messes up a quesadilla?!) These Honey Glazed Chicken Quesadillas with Peach Guacamole from How Sweet Eats look heavenly and not just for kids.  Will probably add some arugula for good measure!

Friday: Oh, Friday. Why do I look forward to you so much?  Is it your promise of a much needed, guilt-free movie night with my toddler or the fact that anything goes when it comes to choosing dinner?  Should we not opt for pizza as we so often do on Fridays, these Blackened Fish Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce from Host the Toast are calling my name. If it doesn’t work out Friday, I’m coming for you on Saturday, fish tacos.

Happy weekending, friends!

  1. This all looks so good and is making me hungry!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jen Pinkston


      I’m going a little out of order this week but we had the fish tacos last night and the pork for the greek pitas is in the slow cooker as we speak!

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