We asked 20 Kids What They Wanted in Their Lunch Boxes and This is What They Said

Today is Parker’s first day of Kindergarten. First. Day. of. Kindergarten. I have this vivid memory of me pushing her in a stroller around our old neighborhood in LA when she was about this age and thinking, “I wonder what we will do about schools…?” which was quickly followed by the thought that it was sooooooo far away. Yet here we are. Gone are the mornings of letting her sleep in, leisurely taking breakfast in our pajamas followed by slow time on the front porch searching for rollie pollies. Nope, this morning we will be out of the house by 7:25, backpack and lunch box in tow. Are you a morning lunch packer or a night lunch packer? Do your kids buy their lunch? Tell me all the things! I recently found myself curious about what kids actually want in their lunch boxes so we did a little poll. There were a few surprises… Chicken Noodle Soup, anyone?!

Nash, age 5: Peanut Butter and Jelly Roll Up (PB &J in a tortilla!)

Franklin, age 5: Fruit Snacks

Thomas, age 3: Banana

Vivian, age 5: Couldn’t decide: PB&J, Cookies, Tortilla

Ellie, age 4: Yogurt Cup

Yumi, age 4: Cheese Cracker Sandwiches

Iris, age 5: Bars and Peaches

Taylor, age 5: Gummy Bunnies, Crackers, Hard-boiled Egg, a Taco!

Leo, age 3: Peanut butter crackers

Arthur, age 6: Cherries and peaches

Winnie, age 2: Mandarin Oranges

Grace, age 4: Dried Mango

Ford, age 5: Starburst

Caroline, age 7: Chicken Noodle Soup

Lucy, age 5: Treats

Porter, age 9: Z Bar

Dottie, age 7: Fruit bar or Z Bar

Adalyn, age 7: Chocolate Chips

Luke, age 5: Strawberries

Savannah, age 2: Graham Crackers

Photos by Kim Yunhee for Parents Magazine

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