A Wardrobe Stylist’s Tips for Caring for Your Clothes on the Go

Now that I’m back from our adventures in Round Top, I’m officially done traveling this pregnancy, but I know for a lot of you travel season might be just beginning.  There’s Labor Day, fall which in general is just such a pretty time to travel, and of course the holidays.  Do you have upcoming travel plans? Nothing changed the way I pack for a trip more than when I started wardrobe styling.  When I was on a show, we would often times take 2-3 wardrobe racks full of clothes, shoes, and bedding on the road with us from Orlando to New York and everywhere in between and the tips and tricks I learned along the way are things that I still abide by when packing my one simple suitcase.  Rowenta recently launched their new Steam ‘N Press Handheld Steamer and asked if I might spill the beans about how I care for my clothes on the go, which of course I was more than thrilled to do! Keep reading for the travel and packing tips that work whether you’re headed on a press junket, to host a show, or just skipping town for a weekend of relaxation.

Plan your looks ahead of time. Know what you’re wearing to dinner, wearing for sight seeing, wearing to the beach, or any other activity down to your undergarments, shoes, and accessories.   It will keep you from packing too man unnecessary things and from forgetting an essential that you’ll end up wishing you had.  Sure you can pack an extra layer, a back up top, or some cozy leather slides, but go into your trip with a Plan A for your wardrobe.

-Always, always, always, travel with a compact steamer. I took it to Round Top for our Blogger Retreat, to Palm Springs for our laidback Memorial Day getaway, and to Portland in May when I was speaking at a conference.   I have never packed it and not used it.  This one from Rowenta is a perfect travel size since it fits easily into a carry on without taking up too much room, steams for 15 minutes without needing a refill (which is really good, by the way), and works for all fabric types. (Plus, it’s a steal at just $29.99!) You can use the iron function for heavier duty fabrics that need it and the steam function for more delicate pieces like silk dresses and tops.

Once you get to your destination, don’t live out of your suitcase.  If you’re a celebrity, then your stylist will unpack your suitcase for you, line everything up on a rolling rack and steam it out.  Just because you’re not, though, doesn’t mean you want to be bent over and rifling through your roller bag for the next 3-5 days.  Hang garments when you can or find a chest of drawers where you can neatly fold down everything for easy access.

When you leave your hotel or rental house, always keep a pocket stain remover in your bag for any mishaps.  Best case scenario, it will instantly remove any unsightly mishaps and worst case scenario it will keep the stain from setting until you can get it to a local dry cleaner or back to the hotel for laundering.

What travel tips do you adhere by?  Do share!

Photography by Katie Jameson || Suitcase, Raden || Jeans, Paige || Top, Paige

This post was sponsored by Rowenta.  If you don’t already have a travel steamer, I would highly recommend their new Steam ‘N Press product.  It’s great!

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