Vibrant Vignettes // Stylish Sideboard


When we were living in our last apartment, our kitchen was short on cabinet space and had just one single drawer.  (Who does that?! I have to believe it was designed by someone who has never so much as toasted bread in their life.)  This sideboard saved my life.  Not literally, but it saved my day-to-day and where-can-I-store-this-thing and we-have-people-coming-over-where-do-we-put-the-food life.  It is seriously the most multi-purpose piece of furniture we have ever purchased.  It’s now in the entry way of our house and makes for a perfect cocktail station when we people come over for a party.  Behind the closed doors, though, it’s home to board games, extra serving pieces, our Christmas ornaments and a myriad of other things.  It’s seriously one of the best purchases ever.  I’ve digressed, but now you know why this one caught my eye.  I think the styling of this piece is sheer interior perfection and might just recreate in our place.  Here’s how:


01. / 02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09. / 10. / 11. 


  1. In love with your sideboard!!!

  2. Wow…thanks Jen! great idea

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