The Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

I haven’t always been the biggest Valentine’s Day enthusiast. The impending three day weekend that would follow (Thanks, President’s Day!) the typically mid-week holiday was much more my speed. But this year? In a year that has shifted every major celebration on the calendar, not to mention our day to day lives, I’m embracing the excuse to make merry with the ones that have made the last eleven months sweeter. Flowers? Yes, please. Chocolate? Only the really good kind. Gifts? I’m really looking forward to shopping for my friends, sisters, and daughters this year. (I won’t leave Aaron out either. Should we also do a men’s guide?) Here’s what’s on my list:

  1. Brinker & Eliza Heart on Your Sleeve Bracelet: This feels like a modern version of the Tiffany Heart Tag Charm bracelet. Friendship bracelets, anyone?
  2. Boy Smells Prunus Candle: I became a candle person in 2020. Rarely does a night go by that I don’t have a few burning in the house. I have to be careful with the mixing of scents, though. One night Aaron declared our house smelled like a Greek Church and promptly opened all the windows. (For the record, he grew up going to Greek Church.)
  3. Honeydew Intimates Waffle Leggings: Cozy AF.
  4. Tom Ford Matte Lipstick in Pussycat: Most of the lipsticks I own have been gripped by toddler sized fingers and pummeled. A fresh tube feels quite luxurious and this color is perfectly understated for everyday use… even if only wearing the above waffle leggings. 
  5. Brinker & Eliza Smooth Sailing Necklace: Simple, layerable and at a price point for buying multiples for your friend group. 
  6. Veja Vegan Leather Sneakers: Who says you can’t say I love you with sneakers?
  7. Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil: I love everything Indie Lee makes and this oil is no exception. 
  8. Clare V Black Quilted Puffer Trop: Perhaps the coolest mom bag? It says, “I don’t play” while at play. 
  9. SIN Duo Candlestick Holder: I love this brand so much and the shape of this candle holder duo is so artful and dare I say sensual?
  10. Coquina BFF Bandana Bundle: The coolest gift shop and one of the best things to come out of 2020 is Coquina. A BFF Bandana Bundle might just be the mark of true friendship. 
  11. Olivia Morris at Home Bow Slippers: These are almost sold out in the color way, but the black and green are equally as chic. The pair of shoes I can imagine wearing literally anywhere– with my pajamas in the house, Trader Joe’s run, with a bridesmaid dress. I haven’t found an exception to this statement yet. 
  12. Mirth Dinner Napkins: In the second drawer below my coffee maker you’ll find our every day fabric napkins that are regularly smudged by spaghetti sauce faces and maple syrup fingers. Two drawers below that is where my Mirth napkins live. They only make appearances for things like Sushi Sunday and my birthday. Hint, hint: Feel free to add to my collection friends 😉