Vacation in {Paris}

I have been to Paris twice.  Once in high school with my family and once a few years ago with Aaron.  (Only once did I think I was getting proposed to, but I will save that story for another day!)  I just love this city.  It is filled with so much charm that it often times remind me more of a quaint town than the bustling city center that it is.  Croissant in hand, I can walk and walk for hour after hour, gorging my eyes on the architecture and landscape and people, and not for a second get bored.  Anyone want to take a trip with me?


The Hotel Baltimore

This is where Aaron and I stayed on our last visit.  At one point I was eating chocolate truffles on the red-poppy-flower-box-lined-balcony off of our room, looking out at the sprawling city and had to pinch myself.  I felt like the grown-up version of Eloise… except then I eventually had to go home.  This hotel would be worthy a full-time residence though.  It is gorgeous and right in the center of everything.


Few are as stylish as the french.  They seem to value quality over quantity and truly epitomize effortless chic with their classic and timeless style.  Here are the musts for your packing list:

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  1. I’m visiting on Thursday, so when I stumbled across this I was tickled! Thanks for sharing!

  2. yes. please. my heart literally aches for paris! this post is so perfect! 🙂

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