Tricked Out Trees


Caitlin & Caitlin here, brimming with excitement for the holiday season! We both hail from white Christmas territories, so even though we now live in LA, we don’t let grinchy spring weather slow down our yuletide enthusiasm.

It goes without saying that decorating a Christmas tree is the first step you can take to transform your space into winter wonderland. If you celebrate Hanukkah or another winter holiday exclusively, no need to read further tips, but, we do recommend this fetching Jonathan Adler menorah if your home sports blue decorations and you feel like switching on the last day, as we are already 8 days into The Festival of Lights this year. L’Chaim!

Tree trimming techniques are like any, developed from generation to generation and with lots of trial and error. Here’s a quick how-to for achieving that effortlessly tinseled tree.

Step One:

Always start with lights. A fun option this year could be ombre with three shades of the same color, starting with darkest on bottom. Here’s a rule of thumb: double the number of lights recommended for your tree height. You want to be able to see the thing from space!

Step Two:

Ribbon and garland are classic trims that can be modernized with silk dying and crochet. Etsy has some fun, handmade options that could differentiate your tree from the one in the window across the street. Be sure to wrap right after lights and before any ornamentation!

Step Three:

Ornamentation. Who said you had to use silver balls? Brass urchins, berries, feathers and agate are some chic, modern options. If you want to go vintage, place presents and candles on tree. Of course, do so with great care, as starting a fire would ruin even the most enthusiastic holiday.

Step Four:

Topping and flocking. When it comes to tree toppers, we only have one rule… nothing with a face! Even if it’s cute and vintage it’s just too kitschy. Flocking on the other hand, we are huge fans of. Who cares if it’s 90 degrees outside. You want your tree to look like it belongs in the alps, not Antigua. Start at the top and lightly cover your ornaments so it looks authentically frosty.

Tree Trim


Initial Image via Lonny Magazine

  1. Love those agate ornaments! Just missed them in my recent ornament round-up… dang!

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