The Three Ways I’m Wearing My Daily Uniform Right Now



Here’s the deal. We’ve all got places to go and people to see, as my grandmother would say, but having a four month old means that I’ve been going and seeing a lot less lately.  The people I see the most of that are not a.) related to me by blood or b.) contractually obligated to me by marriage are Ever’s angel babysitter who makes sure that posts like this one can get shot and written and the United States Postal Worker assigned to our address, whose name is John and whose optimism and smile will renew your faith in the government backed system, had you any doubts.  Here’s where this is all going: I repeat looks a lot lately and am neither mad about it, nor do I have any plans to change that any time soon.  I feel like I really know what I like, what I feel best in, and what works for me during this post-pregnancy / breastfeeding season that I am in, so rather than fill up my closet with new things, I’m challenging myself to style my favorites– my uniforms, if you will– in different ways to fit my preference or the weather that day.

The roots of this sweater can be traced all the way back to this post.  It’s J.Crew and I remember thinking it was more than I wanted to pay for a sweater at J.Crew, but the sweater won me over and boy am I glad that it did.  It’s paid for itself tenfold in the number of times I have worn it.  The most likely way that you will see me wearing this sweater is in the above photos– chelsea ankle boot, cropped straight leg jeans and a pop of earthy color around my neck.  All day, every day.

Sidebar: the one who is contractually obligated to me by marriage gave me that vintage watch as a gift for Christmas, the first year we started dating.  It’s probably one of the most special things to me. End digression.

(Just bought the above boots at Madewell on sale. I thought about them a long time. Then they went on sale. Then they went 30% off sale. Now I wear them all the time. The green is sold out, but this is the black.)

Remember that blazer that I said I bought after Ever and haven’t worn yet? (I mentioned it in the first Closet Overhaul video which is saved to my highlights on Instagram.) Well I did finally wear it last week.  I was challenging myself to do something different and threw it on top of this sweater and felt like it totally worked. It’s still out of my comfort zone for every day, but I do actually love it with this every day look. (I’m speaking on a social media panel next week and have been thinking it just might make an appearance there, too.)

Lastly, I was going to wear my camel coat for this look that is one of those splurgy things I bought a few years ago, worried I was going to regret, and have since been pleasantly surprised with how much I wear it. (Moving out of SoCal definitely helped with that.)  You can actually see that look here.  Also, in linking to that photo, I am realizing just how much I wear this sweater with a quick scroll through my feed.  Help! My favorite sweater just jumped the shark mid-post!  Anyways, we must finish this last look and to do so I have to tell you that Britt showed up for our shoot this day wearing this amazing silk bomber jacket that she scored for $30 from H&M’s conscious collection on sale.  Alas, she would not let me buy it off of her, but it’s amazingness needed to be documented and it actually really makes this look feel less basic. Especially when it’s paired with those killer suede mules that I got on eBay.

There you have it!  Three ways to re-style my favorite (mom) uniform.  Now should we auction off this sweater so that you don’t have to see it anymore on Instagram? Off to take a poll…

PS. What is the one top / sweater / blouse that you wear more than any other in your closet?!

Similar sweaters that are just waiting to be over-posted on Instagram:

(PPS. Not joking. I just put one of these in my cart and almost bought / still might buy after I think about it a little longer.  It’s a different striped sweater, you guys!)

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  1. Caleigh


    I have a shirt that is actuAlly a Pajama top but easily passes as a reguLar shirt. Its a fabulous shade of green, has cute buttons at the neCkline and is soooooo comfy. I end up wearing it all thE Time at home and nobody (except maybe my husbAnd) is the wiser!

  2. Really miss your blog Jen…So happy to be back for great recIpes fashiOn and inspiration xx

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