Things to do in LA with Babies

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Babies.  Nothing is quite the same when they come bursting onto the scene.  For me the only thing scarier than trekking out into the world with her for the first time was the idea of being cooped up in the house with her all day long, so we very quickly started venturing out into the real world.  Some days it’s super easy and you have the best days and other days are more challenging, but at the end of the day, you have to get out!  As Parker has gotten older and more interactive I try to limit our errand running and do things that she can enjoy or partake in.  These are some of our favorites, but I would love for you to add to this list.  What do you enjoy doing with your babes? How long did it take you to get comfortable with being out and about?

1. Square One at the Echo Park Boat House // We just did this one with a group of babies last week and it was love at first sight… or bite.  After ordering about 5 things off of the menu at Sqaure One (hey, I hadn’t eaten all day!), Parker and I settled onto a blanket in the grass and stared out at the picturesque view for the next two hours while visiting with friends and enjoying my kale salad, iced tea, chocolate chip cookies and so forth and so on.

2. Music Class at Dragonfly Dulou // I actually haven’t done this yet, but have heard from other moms that its wonderful and a great place to meet other moms.

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3. LACMA // There’s so many reasons to love LACMA.  Here we go:  Food trucks on Fridays, this restaurant and bar, the walking trails through the grounds around the tar pits and the free entry that your baby earns you through their NexGen program.  Endless hours of fun and/or relaxation if your baby is a good out-of-the-house napper.

4. Baby and Me Yoga at Silverlake Yoga // Squeezing in time to work out post baby is quite the conundrum.  There are so many other things that you already don’t have time for.  I loved this class.  Parker played on her blanket while I did yoga.  Other kids played, fussed, crawled around, and just about all of them nursed at some point.  It was very relaxed, I wasn’t worried about her being loud, and my abs were sore the next day, so that’s a win.


5. Take a Class at The Pump Station // The Pump Station has a special place in my heart.  You can go to one of their breastfeeding support groups on Tuesday and Wednesdays or take one of their many classes.  Theirs age appropriate play, infant massage and many more.

6. Story time at the Library // I wasn’t sure how Parker would do at this one, but she actually loved watching the other older babies and toddlers singing and dancing and listening to the story.  Come early, space fills up fast!


7. Walk the Silverlake Reservoir // Grab an iced coffee at Lamill then mozy on up the street and do the loop around the reservoir or throw out a blanket and hang in the meadow.  Super relaxing and you might even be able to squeeze in some shopping on Silverlake Blvd after if your babe is in good spirits.

8. The Zoo at Griffith Park // Parker’s faves are the flamingos and the giraffes!  I’m fond of the iced lemonades myself…


9. The Grove // This was my first love when Parker was a newborn.  I could go and shop, grab a bite to eat and nurse her in one of their super fancy private nursing stations near the concierge– complete with a rocking chair and all.  Also you can leave your car with valet and get it washed in the meantime… because when do you ever have time to wash your car anymore?

10. Mommy and Me Movies // This is another one I haven’t done yet, but the idea is that all over town these select theaters show an adult movie (not that kind of an adult movie) that moms can bring their kids to and no one can get mad about noise or nursing or anything else kid associated.  And mom gets to see a movie!  Not sure how you would keep them from staring at the giant screen for two hours, though…

11. Swimming Lessons at Waterworks Aquatics // Parker’s all-time fave.  The swimming pool.  Waterworks starts swimming lessons for babes as young as three months and it’s a total blast.  Also post-swimming naps are the best!


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