The Start of #SimpleSummer and my Summer 2019 Playlist

If you’ve been around here for awhile, then you might remember that I dubbed last summer #BestSummerEver… and it truly was. As the calendar weeks have sped past and we began making plans for this summer, I wondered if the theme would carry over. Would every summer be Best Summer Ever? Should every summer be Best Summer Ever?

(photo via Urban Outfitters)

(photo via Camille Styles)

The more I marinated on the thought, the less convinced I became that what we needed was a go-big-or-go-home, say-yes-to-everything, grand adventure of a summer. Instead I’ve been craving routine, attention to detail and a pace of life that leaves space for things like baking our own bread and making salsa from scratch. I want to declutter, simplify, and get to the end of summer with a sense of calm and wholeheartedness which is why I am naming this summer **drumroll** #SimpleSummer. Simple Summer means less FOMO and more living in the moment. Stay up late to chase lightning bugs? Invite neighbors over for our homemade peach cobbler? Turn on the sprinkler in the backyard for some mid-afternoon fun? Organize until my heart is content and relish in knowing that the girls rooms and playroom is in a state that can be easily maintained? These are the things my summer dreams are made of.

Wonder what the music of #simplesummer sounds like? My summer 2019 playlist is below!

(photo via Urban Outfitters)

How about you? What are your big plans and dreams for the summer?

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  1. This is such a good play list!!

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