The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Packing for a Beach Holiday

“When you pack lightly you live lightly. “

Diane von Furstenberg

If you follow along here, you might have caught on that I spent most of last week in Puerto Rico working on a couple of different shoots.  The job came up a bit last minute, as many styling jobs tend to do, and I found myself with just a handful of hours at home to pack in between Austin for the holidays and departing for the caribbean.  At least that is my excuse for how I ended up with so many random and impractical pieces in my suitcase!  Planning on an island adventure this holiday?  After my week hovering above the equator on sandy shores, I have come back chock full of tips for packing for just this sort of getaway!  After all, who wouldn’t want to getaway to somewhere warm and sandy when the temperatures back home begin sinking?!

DO pack longer layers.  In the summer in Cali I live in shorter day dresses, but the humidity factor in the tropics tends to attract more mosquitos than we have at home.  Opt for a wide leg cotton or linen pant and sheery, gauzy long sleeve tops or button front shirts.  Just to be safe, don’t forget the bug spray as well!

DON’T forget that restaurants and indoor facilities tend to over air-condition in these climates.  Pack a versatile jacket and a couple of cashmere sweaters for dinners and plane travel.

DO pack multiple swimsuits.  In humidity the suits won’t dry as fast so you’ll want to pack a few to avoid ending up in a soggy suit which is really not fun or chic at all.

DON’T overpack.  If you are traveling to a smaller island or island hopping, your plane and its luggage capacity might be small, especially in the overhead.  To save space, limit your shoes.  A couple of pairs of sandals, something fabulous for dinner, and a pair of sneakers for the courts or the trails and your set.  A properly executed island vacation means you will be spending most of your time barefoot in the sand anyways.

DO remember sunscreen.  I’ll avoid the broken record talk about the sun and cloudy days, but do remember to spray it on at the beginning of every day and reapply.  A sunburn is neither healthy nor attractive.

DON’T forget your accessories!  A big sun hat and stylish sunnies go a long way when it comes to beach holiday style!



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