The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Choosing a Lip Color

Most fabulous perk of being an Allure Mag reader? The Best of Beauty Awards, of course! And the best part of being a Savvy Girl? Knowing how to turn those beauty suggestions into strategic accents for your real life ensemble.  Translation: “2012’s Best of: Lips Winners” meet “Your Work Wardrobe.”

 Here are my top picks from the list and a few suggestions for how you can pair them with your professional attire. After all, classy and chic is always the perfect corporate combo. However, we all know how easy it is to slip into the routine of “the nude lip” for every look, because it’s neutral; or even “the red lip” for every meeting because it’s striking but classic. However, ladies, why not tailor your color palette to your outfit, the way you tailor your conversation skills to your audience? Catchin’ my drift? You wouldn’t one-size-fits-all your clientele, so why on earth do that with your own clothing + cosmetics relationship?

 1. We’ll start with the reds, because the shade is striking and classic. (Plus, it just happens to be #1 on Allure’s list, no surprise!) So, if you’re aiming to strike awe in those who ogle your classic look, pair with a timeless silhouette. Pencil skirt, simple blouse or fitted sweater, trench coat to top it off. Give your red lipstick a chance to pack its due punch. This color jumps out most from a simple ensemble and minimal eye make-up.

 2. Conversely, let’s have a role reversal. Shall we? If you’ve got a frilly something you’ve been dying to wear, like a ruffled neck button down or an exaggerated-shoulder-pad blazer, let that be the focus of your look for the day. Downplay your pucker with a demure nude or light pink shade. Always better to keep a well-executed amount of balance within your outfit. If you’re going bold in the clothing department, air on the natural side in the cosmetic department.

3. Speaking of going bold, do you love the bright sorbet colors that traipsed across the runway this year, but think they might be a little daring for your day job? I know. Same. But here’s the thing, Armani and Clinique have fantastic solutions to offer. Enter: Sheer Shades. No one can scold you for a coral tint or just a hint of orange hue. Pair with an A-line frock or a great shirtdress and… Ta-da, you’ve achieved corporate chic with a cute kiss of color.

4. Last but certainly not least, being that the current season is fall and more often than not you may find yourself gravitating to a deep mysterious purple shade, I caution you to tread lightly. Again, it may be a well-played move to go the alternative sheer shade route with this pigment; but regardless of how darkly you paint your pout, utilize the neutrals in your closet to dress your bod. Cream turtleneck + a micro pleat knee-length skirt or camel cashmere sweater + a neutral tweed peg-leg trouser? Just remember, balance, ladies. Balance.

 Kiss, kiss and tra la la – ascending the corporate ladder and you still look trendy. Cheers to being at the top of the heap and maintaining your personal chic.



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