The End of #BestSummerEver + Fave Links

I’m trying hard to remember the inception of #BestSummerEver, but drawing a blank.  Some time around Memorial Day, though, I just started thinking of this summer that way.  We actually hadn’t booked a single vacation at this point and weren’t making extravagant plans.  It had been a long nine months, though, since last summer. We added Ever to our family, moved into our new house, Aaron traveled like crazy and so the hashtag was likely an overflow of my enthusiasm for a season with a slower pace and less hectic scheduling.  For the next three months I let that mantra inform my decision making.  When a friend asked if we wanted to meet them in Santa Fe for a few days, my answer was, “of course!”. After all, #BestSummerEver.  When Aaron asked if I wanted to go for a jet ski ride while my parents watched the girls even though I had already showered and washed my hair, the answer was yes because #BestSummerEver.  We drug the girls to New York City without reservation when we found out our flights to Martha’s Vineyard had a long layover.  We pool hopped all over town, stayed out past our bedtime on occasion, and aimed for yes day in and day out in the name of #BestSummerEver.  I made a gaggle of kids scream “best summer ever” on repeat as we sped in a golf cart around our Texas beach house that we called home for a weekend and it was chanted from the top of a mountain peak in New Mexico.  And you know what? These last three months lived up to their mantra.  This summer will always go down in the books as #BestSummerEver and I’ll be pondering how next summer will ever rival this one until next Memorial Day… which has actually had me thinking about my intentionality towards this fall. (Still pondering it for the moment.)  Aaron is in Australia for the next week so the girls and I will be celebrating the end of summer solo.  I hope you all have a great weekend! Keep reading for some of our favorite things around the interwebs this week…

Shop Bitte is having a Labor Day Sale and I’m loving this sweet sweater for E this fall…

Actually is it just me, or is everything on sale? Love these pants for now, but also with a chunky knit sweater for fall.

I know this recipe is going to be on repeat around here!

Never not thinking about sustainability and how far we still have to go.  I loved this conversation.

My mother in law just bought the girls these matching jamas and they’re so cute on them!

Speaking of cutest little things ever, have you seen these cute pieces yet? They’re 25% off all weekend with the code LABORDAY25.

Yes, please!  (In the name of fall, of course!)

Or maybe these?! So good!

T-shirts are my spirit animal.

Actually this is my spirit animal

Sarah is so taking me back to the beginning days of our building process with all of this inspo!

Some more motivation to keep extending my runs!

Actually, this might help summer 2019 compete with 2018 😉

Finishing the laundry room is next on my list and this space has so much inspo!

Just got these in the mail and you’ll be seeing me in them alllllll fall!

Loving all of these pieces and need to press purchased for one for the office!

Aaron just got back from here so I found this article particularly intriguing…

(Photos by Aaron Pinkston)

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  1. Summer flew by! And I didn’t even get to do everything I wanted to do! I was also hoping to be moving somewhere else by now and that didn’t happen either! Hopefully September will be better!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated