The Cutest DIY Photo Mugs for the Holidays

My mom currently has a monopoly on holidays and we gladly let her. She can cook 8 different dishes without breaking a sweat and I’m pretty sure she could bake a casserole in her sleep. (Plus, my dad has mastered the art of Prime Rib, Spiral Sliced Ham, and more!) Christmas Eve, however, is all mine! My family comes over for tamales and chili, followed by the girls getting to open what is usually an obscenely large gift from one of my sisters and general merriment ensues until all of the parents begin talking about how Santa will be here soon. It might just be my favorite night of the year! We partnered with Cricut to use their Cricut Explore Air 2 to make the party a little more personal with these DIY Photo Mugs and give everyone something to remember the night by all year long! Keep reading for the full tutorial!

 What You Will Need:

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2 with Grip Mat
  2. Cricut White Vinyl Printable Paper 
  3. Cricut Adhesive Foil Vinyl (We used Stainless-Gold)
  4. Cricut Cutting Tools and Mat
  5. Cricut Scraper
  6. Home Printer
  7. White Ceramic Mugs (with flat surface)


  • Download the Cricut App to set up machine and upload photos.
  • Once photos are uploaded, size images to the size of the mugs (use the grid provided in the canvas part of the app as a guideline).
  • You can customize your photo in this section depending on the shape and style of your mug.
  • Then head to the print and cut section. If you have a wireless inkjet printer, fill with Cricut Vinyl Paper and send image directly to your printer from the app.
  • Once your photo is printed on the vinyl paper, stick your printed vinyl paper onto the grip mat (use your scraper to take out any bubbles created).
  • Then use the load button to load your printed vinyl paper into the Cricut Air 2. Change the knob on the top of the machine to “vinyl”.
  • Once the paper is loaded with the image, click the flashing Cricut button on the machine to cut out your image. (You can use the scissors or Cricut True Control Knife to make any special adjustments.)
  • When the image is cut out of the vinyl paper, simply peel off the back side and stick onto one side of your mug. Use the scraper to eliminate any bubbles.

  • To print out names for the other side of the mug, use the canvas section of the Cricut app again and enter text. (You can adjust font within the text section).
  • Once you have written your name, adjust the size using the grid guide to fit to your mug.
  • Select the print and cut option and move the knob on top of the machine to “Custom”. Once you move the knob, you will be prompted to choose which paper you are using. Select the foil option.

  • Place your foil adhesive paper on the grip mat using the scraper tool to remove bubbles.
  • Then load your grip mat and foil paper into the tray using the load button.

  • Select cut and press the blinking Cricut button on the machine to cut out your text.
  • Peel up excess foil adhesive surrounding your text, as well as backing of foil paper to adhere letters to mug. Use the scraper tool to remove any bubbles again.

I am so happy with the way these turned out! How do you spend Christmas Eve?

Photography by Katie Jameson

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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