The Case for Shopping Small and our Shop Small Gift Guide

Happy Tuesday, friends! My mom and I were chatting over the weekend about when my sisters and I were little and the trips we used to take. At one point my grandparents lived in San Francisco and she said her favorite thing to do when we went to visit was to shop all of the unique places and the things they sold that she would never be able to find in Texas. “They would have the coolest things I had never seen before!” she reminisced. As the years went on, though, she explained that there started to be less and less that felt unique. More and more, you could find things on the internet and these one-of-a-kind niche shops began to be replaced by larger corporate stores.

This conversation reminded me of something I’ve read recently. It was an article that said that in the nineties small businesses combined accounted for more jobs in the U.S. than large corporations combined who had over 1000+ employees. During the years when this was true, every single income bracket in our country was getting wealthier. Amazing, right?!

I think a lot of us are keenly aware that there’s never been a more important time to support the small businesses– clothing brands, makers, local restaurants, small bookstores and more– than right now. With every purchase you make and dollar you spend this fall and holiday season, you are creating the world you want to live in. When you shop small, that world looks more vibrant and unique, full of things made with care and employers who know their employees by name.

Above are some of my favorite baby, kid and maternity brands! I know most their owners and the care and thought that has gone into every product they make. Check out their shops when you have a chance and perhaps see if you can’t knock a few items off of your holiday shopping list while you’re at it!

1.      Clever and lightweight woom balance bike.

2.    Organic and ethically made dolls from Hazel Village.

3.    Beautiful, functional slings from Wildbird’s Zodiac collection.

4.    Made in the USA, simple Work from Home Desk and stool for kids.

5.    Quality coveralls made for play everyday from Hey Gang.

6.    Simple, cozy 100% cotton house dresses from La Paloma.

7.     The Birdie Skort from Anook made for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

8.    A Beautiful toy-meets-table for babies and toddlers by Wiwiurka.

9.    The sweetest set of bath time essentials from Tubby Todd.

10.  The coziest spot for the youngest babes from DockATot.

11.    The function of a stroller meets the fun of a rugged wagon in the Veer Cruiser.

*Bonus! Check out this beautiful Butterfly Garden Starter Kit from my friend Valerie!

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