The Best of Toddler Girl Swimsuits!


There are things that are cute and things that are cuuuuuute!  Things that fall into the latter category include golden retriever puppies, babies wearing sunglasses, and toddler swimsuits.  I’m fully aware that Parker only probably actually needs one swimsuit, but we are heading to Hawaii for a few days of much needed vacation on Sunday and it’s safe to say we have surpassed that number.  When I asked her which of these were her favorites, she pointed to all of the ones with animals on them, which is one category I actually don’t have covered, so it seems we may need another.  (Some of you were asking where Parker’s suit from yesterday’s post is from.  It’s from last year and isn’t available, sadly!  Sorry!  Hopefully some of these will suffice!)

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01. / 02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09. / 10. / 11. / 12. /13. / 14. / 15. / 16. / 17. / 18. / 19. / 20.

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  1. Molly {Dreams in HD}


    Seriously love all of these Jen! I can’t wait until next summer when my BFF’s little girl is big enough to wear these – I know what I’m getting her for her June birthday 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    • Jen Pinkston


      Aren’t baby swimming suits the cutest?! I have a serious shopping addiction in that department!

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