The Best of Lip Color


These cold, winter months can wreak havoc on everything from your landscaping to your big weekend plans, but nowhere is winter more apparent than in your skin.  It’s been months since it’s seen a sandy beach or even an eighty degree day and all of that central heat has been zapping out the moisture faster than you can wish it back in.  If your schedule doesn’t have room for a visit to your favorite facialist, the next best solution comes in the form of a tube of lipstick.  There’s nothing like bright, bold color or a creamy, dreamy hue to brighten up those winter skin doldrums.  Consider it your new accessory until the ice melts and temperatures start to heat up. Here are 10 of my favorites to get you started!

1. The Orange Lip //


Try Nars Barbarella or Guerlain Fleur de Feu

via Harper’s Bazaar + Chloe Rose

2. The Red Lip //



Try Yves Saint Laurent 1 Le Rouge or Lancome Sequence of Love

via Elle + They All Hate Us

3. The Berry Lip //



Try Clinique Merlot or Nars Gypsy

via Vogue + Who What Wear

4. The Nude Lip //



Try Sephora Tenderness or Bobbi Brown Beige

via Harper’s Bazaar + Lou Lou

5. The Pink Lip //



Try Yves Saint Laurent Vivid Fuchsia or Smashbox Pink Petal

via The Chic Department + The Zoe Report

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  3. Oh I’m so glad you posted this. I am sure they will really helpful! Thanks for sharing these tips!