The Best of Block Heels


My daily footwear uniform for prepping around town used to always be a flat.  Whether it be a boot, sandal, or ballet flat, I rarely opted for heels when I new I was going to be walking circles around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.  This summer, though, I purchased this pair of sandals and everything changed.  I added these white ones and these black ones to the collection and pretty much haven’t worn a flat shoe in weeks.  It’s pretty awesome actually.  The blocked heels make them super sturdy and comfortable, but that little extra height goes a long way.  Here are a dozen of my favorites (some of them on sale!):


01. / 02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09. / 10. / 11. / 12.


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  1. What girl doesn’t have a shoe for every occasion? I know my wife does and she’s always looking to try and add to her wardrobe. Thanks for listing your top 12 instead of 100 I would have to look for a second job. 🙂

  2. Its not really my style…But I do like number 10!!! Xo!!

  3. gorgeous heel choices
    ladies in navy

  4. I’ll take them all!

  5. LOVE #7! Gotta feel that 70’s summer vibe flowing from #4!