Happy Thanksgiving, friends.  I hope your day is either off to a wonderful start or that you’re finally sitting down at the end of what was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Either way, I want you to know how thankful I am for each of you for taking the time (such a precious commodity!) to stop by here every day and join the conversation.  It has been a seriously crazy week!

I have a theory, that has yet to be disproved, that goes a little something like this:  If you would like to book a really big job, plan to be out of town.  I have coordinated shoots with clients while I was in Thailand, turned down an international Vogue job while visiting family in Austin, and now I have found myself knee deep in prep for huge project that I am flying to Puerto Rico for on Monday.  I am so grateful, yet it has made for quite the crazy holiday week.  (Ever try getting samples at 3pm the day before Thanksgiving?  I don’t recommend it!)  Anyhow, I am so thankful for every bit of it: these amazing styling gigs where I get to create beautiful art with incredibly talented people and for this space here, where I get to talk life and style and fashion with all of you.  What more could a girl want?  I’ll tell you what:  A wonderful husband who loves this crazy roller coaster as much as I do and an awesome family who is patient and still loves me while I send out emails all through lunch.

Since this is a week for giving thanks, I thought, why not check in with some of our favorite designers and see what’s on their mind this time of year?  Most of all, though, I would love to hear what YOU are particularly thankful for this year, dear friends.  Just know, that I am always thankful for you.



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