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olympic team usa style post goal setting

With everything else going on this summer, the Olympics kind of snuck on me this year.  Four years ago we cheered on Team USA in LA, childless with all of our childless friends, drinking wine and playing an amazing homemade Olympic trivia game. Despite my lack of anticipation, though, I’ve been overcome by the Olympic spirit!  I loved watching the camaraderie between the USA women gymnasts.  Despite the fact that they were competing against each other for the all-around spots, they were still cheering each other on.  I bawl when I see the mothers and fathers of the competitors in the stands– knowing how much they’ve invested in this moment, as well, and that they would do anything to see their child reach their goal.  As a kids, I remember watching the games and being overcome by this sense that anything was possible.  It was so motivating for me to see the training and effort in action.  Earlier this week, Aaron and I watched Team USA bring home the gold in the freestyle relay and Ledecky kill her own world record by two seconds.  After both wins, each of the athletes separately mentioned in their press interviews what their goals had been for these games and how glad they were to have accomplished them.  It’s easy to be goal-minded in January when the discussions of resolutions are rampant, but how about setting some new ones for August?

olympic style post goal setting

olympic style post goal setting

This skirt is from the new BURU White Label collection that just launched this month and I couldn’t love it more.  It has a coordinating striped crop top, but, truth be told, a girl can only wear so much cashmere in the summer in Texas, so stay tuned for the matching set!

olympic style post goal setting olympic style post goal setting


olympic style post goal setting

TANK, Madewell || SKIRT, BURU White Label || SHOES, Zara + Similar || JEAN JACKET, Madewell || SUNNIES, Celine || BAG, Clare V

When was the last time you set new goals?

Photography by Kate Zimmerman

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  1. Soooo cute Jen xx

  2. Kristie


    Love the outfit!!

  3. Jenna @ Little Tomboy


    I just wrote about setting goals…perfect timing! Sometimes I think I actually prefer making goals for myself in August rather than January…less pressure, maybe? But I also just love the season…fall is approaching, school is starting (though not for me), weather is changing (hopefully)—it just feels like a new beginning. 🙂

    • Jen Pinkston


      I completely agree! I just wrote about that for our upcoming newsletter. I think there is something motivating too about rounding the corner to the final part of the year and a desire to finish it strong!

  4. Jenna @ Little Tomboy


    I just wrote something about setting goals starting this August, so this was already on my mind…perfect timing! Sometimes I think I like setting goals more during this season rather than January b/c it has less pressure. And, I’ve always loved fall, school starting (even though I’m not in it anymore), weather changing (hopefully)…it all feels like a new beginning. 🙂

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