One Skirt, Two Ways

Stylist. Wife. Amateur Chef.  We all wear many hats, so I think our clothes should, too.  If you have a piece that is so great that you let it take up precious space in your closet, get creative and find new ways to wear it.   A pencil skirt during the week is obvious, but less so when paired with a tee and neon trainers.  Can I give you a challenge for tomorrow?  Pick out a piece from your closet that you love, but haven’t worn in eons (we all have them!).  Get creative and try putting looks together with it.  Some of the …

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The Statement Piece

Here is what you need to know about a statement piece:  You don’t need it, it’s not the most practical thing you could buy and it doesn’t go with everything else in your closet– which is kind of the point.  You want to own a few fabulous pieces that are so great on their own that you can throw together a really amazing look with just a moment’s notice. Today’s Statement Piece: Gryphon ‘Happy’ Jacket I recently put a client in this jacket for a press event and it was such a crowd pleaser! …

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{Not So Mellow} Yellow

Remember last week when we made meyer lemon bars together?  Well they were so good they are still inspiring me this week!  I have been finding myself gravitating towards pops of yellow lately.  I love the bright contrast of yellow against white and the more subtle pairing of yellow and gray.  Most importantly it is just so sunny and optimistic!  How could you possibly be in a bad mood if you look down and your shoes are bright, sunshiney yellow?! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   …

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