Winter Outfits

5 Outfits I’ve Been Wearing Postpartum

Let me paint you a picture of Parker’s first day of preschool this year:  The day is August 28th which means we have a five day old baby.  We’ve also been without power since the day we arrived home from the hospital so we are waking up for the third morning in my sister’s guest house, all living out of hastily packed suitcases.  There is a late start today (meaning school starts at 11a) because of Hurricane Harvey and all of the rain he has brought to the city, so my nephew also needs a ride to his first day of high …

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The Three Ways I’m Wearing My Daily Uniform Right Now

    Here’s the deal. We’ve all got places to go and people to see, as my grandmother would say, but having a four month old means that I’ve been going and seeing a lot less lately.  The people I see the most of that are not a.) related to me by blood or b.) contractually obligated to me by marriage are Ever’s angel babysitter who makes sure that posts like this one can get shot and written and the United States Postal Worker assigned to our address, whose name is John and whose optimism and smile will renew …

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Black Turtlenecks + Elizabeth Street Cafe

As I write this post and as I look at the images from this most recent visit to Elizabeth Street Cafe, I’m immediately taken back to my friend, Jenn Elliott Blake. We met so many, many years ago at a sponsor dinner during my very first Alt Conference after I had just launched the site six months prior (early 2012, I think?). She’s one of the truest and most talented people I have ever met. You likely already own a cookbook she has styled or have pinned countless of her images into your own pin boards, but she would just as likely …

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Winter Whites + Launderette

Winter is something that I haven’t experienced a lot of these last 10 years, at least not winter like we have had on and off this last month here in Austin.  The kind that turns the sky a cool stark gray contrast behind wavy oak branches that have lost all of their leaves.  The kind that drop temperatures into the 20s and make you regret the 1/2″ of ankle skin exposed to the crisp air thanks to your cropped jeans. Cooler January days in Los Angeles I’m realizing were much more like fall minus the foliage. A welcome excuse …

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