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10 Things I’m Watching, Reading and Listening to Right Now: April Edition

I have talked about this before, but always appreciate the reminder to make space for consumption. I’ll explain. In blogging, you are in a constant wheel of concepting new ideas, bringing those ideas to life, and pressing publishing on new content. It’s incredibly time consuming and also easy to manage whether it does or does not get done. Either a post goes up on Monday or it doesn’t. On the other hand, the consumption of books, podcasts, art, new music and conversation are things that can’t be measured or ticked off the to do …

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Memory Lane: Why This Blog Exists and How it’s like a 30-Something Year Old Female

This is the second to last post I will publish this year, if all goes according to the plan of our editorial calendar, which admittedly has been known to excel in last minute pivots. But curveball withstanding, this is the second most recent post that will greet you should you check in between now and December 31st. What’s perhaps– no– most definitely more astounding is that it’s one of nearly seventeen hundred posts that have been posted to this URL in its seven plus years of digital life. “In the same way that …

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Cool Hunting || 60 of the Best Jackets and Coats Giving Us Heart Eyes

I’m very opinionated when it comes to, well lots of things, but that list of things includes investment wardrobe purchases. Styles come and go, but the three things that are most worthy of larger line items in your wardrobe budget, in my humble opinion, are are shoes, bags, and jackets and coats. All of these items you can easily where multiple days in a week. They’re also pieces that don’t need a lot of washing and laundering and are likely to last for years and years without showing much wear. (via Studded Rose) I decided …

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My Style || Monochromatic Pattern Play

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Our Saturday was a bit busy– a small team came and scouted our house for an upcoming shoot that I’m very excited to share with you guys soon!  Excited because I love the partnership and also because it means we are getting that much closer to being done furnishing and styling our place and getting to share EVERYTHING with you! (There’s still so much to do at the moment, but we are getting very close to sharing the master bedroom and Parker’s room!)  Our friends Kelly and Jeff …

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