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Whole30 Meal Plan || Week 4

I am hitting the Texas road this weekend with some of best blogging pals and headed to Round Top this weekend and couldn’t be more excited!  What kinds of treasures will we found?! What kind of adventures will be had?!  Only time (and Instagram) will tell!  Speaking of fun weekends, if we prepped you for the holiday weekend last week by serving you up recipes for blackberry cobbler and lobster grilled cheese, it seems only right that we follow it up, post-holiday weekend today with something of a detox.  This is our fourth and final …

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Whole30 Meal Plan || Week 3

The alternative title to this post was ‘Confessions of a Whole30 Drop Out’.  It’s true!  We were just about done with Day 5, grocery shopping on a Sunday evening in Central Market when I turned to Aaron and said, “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”  I’m an impulsive person and we hadn’t exactly planned ahead.   We knew we were going to be spending the coming weekend with friends out at a house on the river in the middle of nowhere where we would have to bring all of our own food and …

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Whole30 Meal Plan || Week 2

There’s nothing like a week of travel in one of your favorite food cities or a long holiday weekend by the pool indulging with friends to make you want to come back home and do a little detox.  Put those two things together, though, and you’re just begging for a little Whole30 re-start! I’ve actually been wanting to do this for months now, but tomorrow seems like the perfect day to kick it off. We don’t have any major travel planned for the next month, just a few smaller occasions to navigate sans sugar.  Speaking of …

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Easy Whole30 Meal Plan || Week 1

This easy Whole30 meal plan is perfect for the busy person, when you don’t have time on your side. These quick and easy meals and snacks are perfect if you are just starting your Whole30 plan. Lots of choice and delicious recipes that are healthy and simple. Week one of your Whole30 journey starts here! When life gets crazy and the schedule gets packed, the first thing to go is any kind of exercise classes.  The second thing that usually follows is a steady stream of dining out experiences.  Especially when Aaron is traveling, …

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