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Must-Read! Our Best Summer Book Recommendations for 2019

Looking for your next summer read?! Our Best Summer Book Recommendations lists are always some of our most visited posts and we hope you enjoy this one just as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Happy Friday, friends! The girls go back to school for a shorter summer week starting next week so we have been living it up the past few days. We’ve decided that pool life is the best life and these longer summer nights are the things that dreams are truly made of. The slower pace of summer makes it ideal for reading and it’s my …

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What To Read Now || August 2018 (30 Minutes for 30 Days)

By all appearances, life is back to normal after two weeks of traveling with the girls and Aaron.  There’s an almond milk latte on my right and the sage hued linen curtains are pulled closed across the office window behind me. (A sight that Aaron will with one hundred percent certainty remark on if he walks in.)  Childcare has been arranged. My computer is open.  Yet I’m moving slower, as if still taking in Pollock at MoMA or observing the seagrass of Martha’s Vineyard bend as the wind wills it.  I’m okay with …

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What To Read Now || Summer 2017 Reading List

Oh, summer!  I do so adore your laid back vibe, your abundant fresh produce, and for the most part, even your balmy temperatures that beg for time spent poolside or by the lake. While summer also used to include a stack of books that I could hastily make my way through, as more things vie for my time– getting ahead with work in preparation for maternity leave, finalizing a million decisions on our new house, the entire series of The O.C. on Hulu?!– it’s definitely been more of a challenge to find time to read.  I’m …

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What To Read Now || Spring

We are leaving for Stockholm in three days and I feel utterly unprepared.  When it comes to travel, I’m such a planner. You know the person that plans a three week trip to Europe with nothing but a backpack and a Eurail pass in hand? I’m the opposite. It’s not that I need my days scheduled, but if there is a can’t miss restaurant then I want to have a reservation and should we find ourselves in a particular neighborhood, I want to know what all of my options are for that area. (If you know anything about the …

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