Cool Hunting || Open Shelving

The good news? We have made a whole lot of decisions on our new house build here in Austin.  The bad news? If you drive by it you will still just see an empty lot.  C’mon, universe! Let’s build a house!  We are getting closer. I swear. Just not moving at the speed I would like.  Our most recent progress has been in the kitchen. We are currently working on the cabinet design and have been through a few iterations already in search of the right balance that doesn’t feel too heavy, but still has adequate storage and …

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Cool Hunting || Oval Dining Table

I was listening to a podcast last week (Emily Weiss on Girl Boss Radio) and she said something that I immediately went and wrote down.  (Like with a real pen and real paper… okay, not real paper rather the back of an AT&T bill.) “Where ever you are at is a place to be proud of.”  Gosh, that really resonated with me.  I think so many times there’s always someone two steps ahead of us or some next step phase of our life or business that we haven’t yet been able to implement, so rather than celebrating what …

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Cool Hunting || Matte Black Hardware

On Friday, we will have officially been in Austin for 7 weeks– which is crazy, by the way.  In some ways it still feels like we are just visiting– probably because 90% of our things are still in boxes and will be until our house is ready to move into.  It’s a disorienting thing to take your roots out of their current location and plant them somewhere new, more so than I expected.  You have to figure out your new routines and schedules and go-to-places.  Personal things like where do you grab dinner quick if you …

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Cool Hunting || The Best Kitchen Islands

I can’t believe that today marks two weeks that we’ve been in Austin.  I know I’m long overdue for a full update on our move and have been dropping hints on Instagram, but suffice it to say, for now, that we’re going to be designing our brand new kitchen from scratch!  While there’s an obvious upside to being able to do whatever you want, it feels more daunting than a renovation (like this one) where some of the  characteristics of the room are already defined for you. It’s like the dreaded open-ended …

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