Traveling with Kids

Our Trip to Martha’s Vineyard with Vineyard Vines

(This post is sponsored by Vineyard Vines and the Winnetu Resort, two brands we feel so lucky to have gotten to know so much about this summer and highly recommend you check out!) We land into Martha’s Vineyard by late morning.  As I look out the window, baby asleep in my lap, I can’t imagine a more stark contrast than that of leaving JFK in New York to arrive 45 minutes later at quaint Martha’s Vineyard. The frenetic pace of the former, followed by the instant calm of the latter. The airport is shuttered like the charming homes that …

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48 Hours in New York City with Kids

New York City is such a fun and vibrant place and is perfect for a weekend getaway, but can you do it with kids? Check out what we got up to on our 48 hours in New York with our children.  It was such a fun time and I couldn’t recommend it enough! For as long as I have had children, I have dreamed of taking my kids to New York City.  I was 18 the first time I stepped foot in the city– the week of Thanksgiving, 2002– and I have spent the last decade and a half making up for lost time, traveling there as often as possible …

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YOLO || Setting a Time Capsule Goal for Our Family

Have you thought about what you want to be doing this time next year?  It’s so easy to feel like the summer passes you by without getting to do some of the things that were on your list, but rather than lamenting that it’s already July, have you considered dreaming big about what you want to be doing this time next year and working towards that goal for the next 12 months?  I call it a time capsule goal because it’s the antithesis of instant gratification.  You plot and save and work, but you delay the reward for a …

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My 10 Favorite Things to do in Austin with Kids

Whether you are visiting Austin or live here and are looking for more things to do with your kids in the city, this post is for you! There’s so many things you can do in Austin with kids, from Museums to parks to the zoo! These places are perfect for a day out in Austin with your family. Freckles and tan lines, fingers sticky from melted popsicle remnants, the smell of chlorine wafting through the air. The signs of summer are far from subtle.  Since school let out a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been taking advantage of more …

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