Bon Voyage || Where Should We Go This Spring?

For all of our many differences, one thing that Aaron and I have always both loved is to travel.  We even differ by how we like to spend our vacations: Aaron likes to hike or climb to some unsafe point that makes me hold my breath and yell things at him, as well as take lots of photos.  I like to look up the best restaurants the city has to offer, wander in and out of small shops, and spend a good chunk of time in the city’s most interesting museums.  Luckily we’ve both gotten pretty good at doing both.  Aaron has some time …

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DIY || Leather Luggage Tag

Labor Day weekend is upon us, friends, and while we have spent most of the summer settling into our new digs here in Austin, we have a little staycation planned that we couldn’t be more excited about! (Especially since Aaron has been in LA for almost three weeks and finally gets home tomorrow!) When we lived in LA, Parker was always traveling with me for work– I think she hit her 20th flight just after her second birthday. You can see all of my tips for travel here, but the number one thing that has made for a content toddler on …

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On The Road || Maui with a Toddler

This is a trip I had been dreaming of this trip for months and months.  Literally. One night in February, I dreamt that Aaron, Parker, and I were standing in line for shaved ice in Maui and when I woke up it was settled– I book the trip a week later, after a little cajoling of Aaron– and it’s going in the books as one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in 2016!  We are about to embark on this cross-country move and eventually a second child and it just felt like a rare moment to be able to do something …

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24 Hours in || East LA

‘Tis the season for travel!  Spring break is upon us and summer is just around the corner, so whether it’s business or pleasure, there’s never been a better time to start planning that next getaway!  Did you know that last year 90% of adult Americans took a summer road trip? While Aaron mostly travels for work, my trips are normally a mix of business and pleasure. National Car Rental asked if we might share some of their own tips about their mobile app and I was super intrigued.  Any time I have rented a car in the past it has …

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