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Cool Hunting || The Best Spring Jackets

Let me introduce you to what might quite possibly be your most valuable wardrobe asset over these next three months– the spring jacket.  The weather during the spring tends to swing from chilly in the morning to downright balmy by afternoon and then back again in the evening. Or perhaps where you are it’s just lingering there in the fifties and sixties waiting for the next season’s impending arrival. This jacket, though, allows you to access all of your favorite summer pieces that have been hiding away since last …

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The Best of Spring Sandals || Clogs, Ankle-Wrap, + Espadrille Platforms

Just two days into this month and the calendar is already slowly filling up… eek!  Are you guys familiar with SXSW here in Austin? A lot of our industry friends in LA would cover it as part of their jobs, Aaron covered it when he was at MTV, but I’m not sure if it’s something a lot of you are familiar with? This will be my first year attending in ten years and I can only imagine how much it has changed in a decade!  It’s gone from being an indie film and music festival to a full blown conference and festival that …

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10 Ways to Wear a Slouchy Sweater

It’s barely February, but don’t think my mind hasn’t already wandered to spring and beyond. (I’m blaming it on the 85 degree weather we had here yesterday.) I’ve been loving slouchy, oversized sweaters this winter for their equal parts effortlessness and warmth, but they’re also a great way to transition to the warmer months as you can pair them with skirts and shorts.  So whether you’re living in Montreal or Monterrey, this piece is for you! (Also, you can just buy a regular sweater a couple sizes …

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