This Festive Self-Serve Fajita Taco Bar is What I’ll Be Dreaming About all Summer

Please don’t think I’m crazy, but I’ve been dreaming of this taco board for a very long time. I’m a total sucker for a cheese board and love that you can put one out at happy hour or for a casual get together and people can serve themselves and graze at their leisure. There’s no official call to serving time and no end to the options and combinations you can present. So if a cheese board is such a great idea, why stop there? Because as much as I love cheese, it’s safe to say it pales in comparison to my …

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Easter Leftover Honey Ham Breakfast Tacos with Chipotle Crema

Ah, the breakfast taco!  Have you picked up on my affinity for it yet? (This post was a telltale giveaway.)  When we first moved back to Austin last summer, I think we were eating them every day of the week, so in love were we.  I recently discovered these cassava root and coconut tortillas and have been wrapping up any and all taco combinations ever since.  Big holiday meals are prone to inevitable leftovers and I couldn’t think of any way I would rather enjoy leftover honey ham than with honey ham breakfast tacos and this tangy, …

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The Best of Tacos

We have a lot of tacos in our house.  Especially on Fridays.  It’s the perfect way to cook up whatever is left from the week into something delicious that fits into a perfectly grilled tortilla.  Your average taco might consist of filling + salsa + crema (if you’re lucky), but these 10 tacos take it up a notch!  Happy Weekend! (PS. Next time we meet it will be June!  Crazy!) 1. Rosemary Citrus Shrimp Tacos, Melanie Makes 2. Pulled Pork Tacos with Sweet Chili Slaw, How Sweet It Is 3. Flat Iron Steak Tacos, Martha Stewart  4. …

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