Super Bowl

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes That Are Also So Delicious

These healthy super bowl recipes are perfect to serve up during the game for friends and family. These game day dishes are all delicious but won’t ruin your diet! This Healthy Super Bowl Recipes post is actually the second annual installment of it’s kind. The post from last year did so well and garnered so many Instagram messages and Pinterest repins that we thought we would bring it back for year two! After a weekend of eating our way through Mexico City (Shrimp Tostadas! Mole! Tacos on Tacos on Tacos!), I’m looking forward …

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10 Super Bowl Appetizers That Won’t Make You Break Your Resolutions

If you were fortunate enough to start Whole30 on January 2nd, a day that I imagine a lot of food-related ambitions are inaugurated, then lucky you!  You can binge on nachos, queso, and ooey-gooey fried sticks of the mozzarella variety to your heart’s content.  However, if your aspirations transcend the month and you find yourself staring down this epic sports weekend that is almost always tied to the most delicious albeit amateur of appetizer concoctions, don’t fret.  Scour these recipes for one that fits your resolution and …

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Game Day Recipes || Naan Italian Nachos, Kale Caesar Tacos, + Pulled Pork SLiders

It’s that time of the year!  The time of year when Aaron ventures off to the Big Game (his eighth adventure to the Big Game!) and I plot and plan what I will bring to this year’s Game Day party.  Last year I was going to simply pick up cupcakes from our favorite bakery.  I wandered into the store 30 minutes before game day and they were slashing the price on this monstrosity of a football helmet shaped cake that must have weighed at least 30 pounds and I just couldn’t help myself.  Since I feel that the equipment shaped …

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Super Bowl Seven Layer Dip, Texas Style

This delicious Seven Layer Dip has refried beans, sour cream, chile con queso, guacamole, black beans, chopped brisket, and pico de gallo.  It’s a little naughty, but so delicious! This is the part of the post where most bloggers will tell you about how they only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials or how the Puppy Bowl is the real attraction for them on that first Sunday in February.  Sorry, not this blogger. I’m the one yelling at the TV during the play offs and startling my two year old.  (Oops.) The upside to my …

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