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My Style || Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin

Not everything is quantifiable. In fact, the best things aren’t at all.  There are no analytics for joy and no unit of measure for overwhelming content or happiness.  You can’t rationalize or objectify a gut feeling.  There’s an episode of Sex and the City titled Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women.  I wasn’t even able to drive when the episode first aired, but by the time I caught it in syndication on TBS I qualified as the former.  In my twenties, I said yes to everything.  I went after every …

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3 Trends We’re Loving for Spring / Summer ’18

It feels like 90% of my life is playdates and preschool drop-off, breastfeeding and working from home, so naturally my day-to-day wardrobe is pretty unfussy and practical.  I love lunch meetings and work events, date nights and parties as an excuse to dress up, but the truth is that my favorite denim mini and silk tops just aren’t that functional for my current every day. (You can see what I’m actually wearing every day in our March Outfit Highlights on Instagram!)   That being said, I started chatting with one of the gals from …

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Denim on Denim at 34 Weeks + Pregnancy Differences

There was a rare maternity moment last week where I wasn’t in a flowy dress, pre-team lunch gathering, and I figured that it should be documented with a photo!  I feel like I have so fewer photos this pregnancy than I did with Parker which is just the beginning of the differences in my journeys carrying these two babes.  Some of them are trivial like the fact that I loved wearing tight clothes with Parker and now I don’t want anything clinging to my body. (Which can probably be attributed to pregnancy in March in Southern …

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The Resort Maxi || 32 Weeks

You might have noticed that it’s been nearly a month since I last posted a style post.  It’s not so much that it has skipped my mind, but more that nearly 32 weeks pregnant and 97 degrees makes for quite the dressing conundrum.  Not so much of a conundrum, I guess, it’s more that I feel like I wear some version of the same thing just about every day.  Which, by the way, I’m totally okay with, but figured you guys might be bored by.  Currently it’s dress, accessories, repeat.  However, since this will likely …

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