Summer Outfits

All the Best Shorts I Tried On For Spring (So You Don’t Have To)

There’s no shortage of opinions on different garments that one may or may not find in their wardrobe, but shorts are a bit of a mystical anomaly. The summer heat in most regions demands them and so we dutifully line the drawers of our dresser with at least a pair or two out of obligation. However, on almost no occasion do we reach in, grab said shorts and feel the tingle of excitement that comes when we, say, have an excuse to wear our favorite midi length linen dress or vintage washed high-rise jeans. Nonsense! I say this is the summer …

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My Daily Uniform: A New Series!

My love for fashion dates way back, y’all, and I don’t just mean that I enjoyed hanging out at the mall as teenager. From the time I was in middle school, I remember being fascinated by the fashion industry itself. I always had a collage board on my wall of favorite Vogue tears (that January issue circa 2006 with Sienna Miller will forever be a favorite spread) and read designer biographies while vacationing over the summer (The Beautiful Fall about Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld is a must-read!) That said, the thing that I …

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What to Do With One Perfect Day in Austin

We were standing outside the ferry building last week, taking in the tree green water and Bay Bridge views while wondering if we were going to opt in for the line at the hopping oyster spot, when talks of the next day’s activities arose. I would be on a 6am flight home to see my babies, but Aaron and his co-workers still had one more night of work in the city and were discussing the possibility of going to Alcatraz. I mentioned that I had been a few times as a kid—it was one of my mom’s favorite things to do in the city and we came here …

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Striped Pants + Crop Tops at The Austin Power Plant

I was spending time on Saturday morning watching Ever play in the play room. She will be 11 months at the end of this month.  She is my human alarm clock and when I hear her begin to wake I make my way to the kitchen, make my morning latte and then go up to see her.  I love those first morning glances as I slowly push the door to her room open, followed by the feeling of her sweet, chubby body curling up on mine when I pick her up. I bring her downstairs and she nurses in the playroom where we spend the next 45 minutes together– she …

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