Easy Outdoor DIY: Painted Succulent Pots Tutorial

These DIY Succulent Planters are really simple and leave your outdoor pots with a really cool, unglazed finish look. Turn your unused collection of pots into beautiful homemade pots! We have been spending a lot of time out side lately. Any time the kids start to go haywire or homeschool jumps the shark, we fling open the door and do what we can to get some fresh air. Yesterday it was gardening and I was reminded of this tutorial we did with my friend Lindsay so many years ago! It’s a really nice way to create some cohesion in your …

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Make It // Succulent Arranging DIY

I absolutely love having succulents!  I love the warmth they add to a room indoors and the interest they add outdoors.  I am also a huge fan of how resilient they are and easy to keep alive since I am still honing my green thumb skills.  Ever since last summer I’ve been slowing adding to our collection of them, so when I saw the flyer for a succulent arranging class at Rolling Greens, I jumped at the chance to learn from the pros!  (By the way, Rolling Greens is one of my all-time favorite stores in Los Angeles!)  The class was …

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DIY Succulents

Slowly but surely I have been making my way through our yard, planting a little here and doing projects there.  My latest backyard project is the epitome of effortless!  I love succulents not only for their looks but for their super low maintenance nature.  They can handle the hot summer heat and my forgetfulness when it comes to watering.  I decided to put together a few succulent arrangements for our outdoor furniture before Cinco de Mayo and loved the way they turned out! My containers and moss are from Rolling Greens and I found my …

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